Our Projects

Explore our dynamic portfolio of ongoing projects as we continue to shape the future of the Danube region, while celebrating our accomplished milestones in completed endeavors.

Current projects

Al-Jaish Canal Bridge

Al-Jaish Canal Bridge Development - Advancing Eastern Baghdad's Connectivity

Al – Omm interchange in Hilla

The project consist of design and constructs 2 overpasses in 3 levels connecting Al- Shawi Road

Construction of WTP (Water Treatment Plant) in Qaratappa in Dyala Governorate.

Design, Delivery equipment, construction 2 WTP, each 200m3/h

Completed projects


Agarguf Tower Erection, Baghdad, Iraq

You are here: Home Agarguf Tower Erection, Baghdad, Iraq Client: Army Corps of Engineers POC: LCDR Andrew Johnson, Army Corps of Engineers Staff Details: Site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managing the site activities. Abroad Iraq branch offices supported the project by purchasing and importing the required and needed equipment and instruments, and Baghdad and Amman…

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Abo Teban water treatment plant

You are here: Home Abo Teban water treatment plant Client: Al-Anbar governorate POC: AL-Anbar Water Directorate Description: supplying and installation complete water treatment plant with capacity of 200 m3/h includes clarifier and settling tank, filtration vessel; feed water pumps, chlorination dosing system, aluminum sulfate predation tank with dosing pump, backup generators, and transformers. They manufactured by (ARI ARITMA)…

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Dubuni Water Treatment Plant

You are here: Home Dubuni Water Treatment Plant Client: Waste water directorate POC: Eng. Mohammad Mortada Description: The work include clearing the site and construction concrete steel reinforced foundation of the equipments with guard house and brick fence – supplying complete water treatment plant including clarifier and settling tank , filtration vessel , feed water pumps, chlorination dosing…

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6 Mobile Substation in Al Anbar Province.

You are here: Home 6 Mobile Substation in Al Anbar Province. Client: Department of the Army- Gulf Region Division, central District, Corps of Engineers, MNC-17, Unit # 42029, USACE-GRC, APO AE 09342-2029 – Al Tayf Al Abiad Company. POC: Susan Newby, chief of Contracting, GRC Description: Supply the expertise, materials, labor and equipment necessary to design and construct…

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Fallujah F5 Sewage Pump Station.

You are here: Home Fallujah F5 Sewage Pump Station. Client: Joint Contracting Command- Iraq & Afghanistan, JCC-I&A Water and Public Works Sector PCO Compound, Baghdad, Iraq, APO AE 09348 POC: Patrick E GRC Dougherty Description: Engineering, design review, construction, commissioning, operation and training of new, completely operational, wastewater pumping station F5 inside Fallujah, 50 kilometers west of Baghdad…

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A new 33/11 new substation in Husaybah

You are here: Home A new 33/11 new substation in Husaybah Client: Secure Global Engineering POC: Ayham Al Yassiry Description: Construction of 33/11 new Hsibah substation. The works include construction of buildings delivery and install equipment, commissioning, training and all necessary connections. Most equipment was delivered from Siemens.   Staff Details: Site office with high experienced engineers and technicians…

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132 KVA Overhead Lines in Ramadi.

You are here: Home 132 KVA Overhead Lines in Ramadi. Client: Gulf Region Division-Central District W6EX GRD Central District APO AE 09335 POC: Jose.Morales@tac01.usace.army.mil Description: Construction of a 132 KVA overhead line from Ar Ramadi east to Hit. Four types of high tension towers were used. Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managing the…

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NATO Enclave

You are here: Home NATO Enclave Client: NAMSA POC: TOXIE H. COURTNEY, DSN: 606-640-2681, Comm: 081-721-2681 E-mail: tcourtney@afsouth.nato.int, toxcourt@yahoo.com Description: The project contained several subcontracts, included the construction of clinics, accommodation building, force protection projects, infrastructure monitoring systems with night vision and power generating plants. The National State laboratory was responsible for all field and laboratory tests.   Staff…

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Districts 850 and 860: Water and Sewer Rehabilitation.

You are here: Home Districts 850 and 860: Water and Sewer Rehabilitation. Contract No. W917BG-05-R0191 Client: DOA, GRD Central District, COE, MNC-17 USACE-GRC, APO AE 09342-1400 POC: Stanley Reese E-mail: stanlet.reese@tac01.usace.army.mil Description: The project entailed the rehabilitation of sewage and water networks in Districts 850 and 860. Each district measures approximately 8 km² with about 20,000 houses and…

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QTM & QRF Facilities in Baghdad.

You are here: Home QTM & QRF Facilities in Baghdad. Client: CAPE Environmental POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com Description: Design and construction of a building for Infantry Brigade QTM and QRF. The site is located in Abu Ghraib, one of the hottest and most dangerous areas in Iraq. The project entailed about 50,000m2 of…

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