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Al-Jaish Canal Bridge

Al-Jaish Canal Bridge Development – Advancing Eastern Baghdad’s Connectivity.


The Al-Jaish Canal Bridge Development project aims to construct a vital bridge over the Al-Jaish Canal, strategically positioned in the eastern part of Baghdad. The primary objective is to establish a seamless connection, linking Al-Dakhil Street with Palestine Street in the Al-Muhandisin neighborhood. This initiative forms an integral part of a broader endeavor to alleviate traffic bottlenecks within the city.


Contract Details:

  • Contract Number: 22/2023
  • Project Owner: Ministry of Construction and Housing / Department of Roads and Bridges

The project is situated along the Al-Jaish Canal within Baghdad’s Al- Muhandisin neighborhood, serving as a crucial midpoint between the Al-Nahda Bridge and the Bab Al-Sharqi Bridge on the Al-Jaish Canal.

Project Description:
The project involves the design and implementation of key infrastructure components, including a bridge and two overpasses, along the Al-Jaish Canal Road. These thoughtful additions facilitate seamless movement in both directions through the construction of a new road linking the eastern Al-Amanah neighborhood to the western Al- Muhandisin neighborhood. Notably, a bridge spanning the Canal River is a prominent feature of this road network.

Timeline and Commencement:
With a project duration of 240 days, the contractual work commenced on February 5th, 2023. This ambitious timeline has been established to expedite the project’s completion while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Project Benefits:
The project’s primary advantage lies in its strategic linkage of Palestine Street with the Al-Amanah neighborhood, extending up to Al-Dakhil Street. This innovative route introduces a new exit that effectively mitigates congestion, ameliorating traffic issues at both the southern Habibiyah exit and the northern Mudhaffar Square exit. The project’s design ingeniously disperses traffic across three exits, thereby optimizing vehicular flow.


Execution Strategy:
The project’s execution has been meticulously planned, incorporating specialized consultants for design and implementation. Integral tasks have been entrusted to reliable support agencies to uphold stringent time control. To expedite progress within the contractual timeline, all stakeholders have committed to providing comprehensive support, enabling continuous 24-hour operations with three daily shifts.

Challenges and Solutions:
The project encounters a significant challenge posed by existing obstacles within the work area, including electricity cables, water and sewage pipes, and communication cables owned by various entities. A collaborative approach has been formulated, encompassing comprehensive utility surveying, stakeholder coordination, and proactive strategies. This entails temporary service suspensions, relocating specific utility lines if feasible, the establishment of parallel work zones, and off-peak construction scheduling, all aimed at mitigating disruptions effectively. Additionally, alternative detour roads in reinforced concrete are being constructed for smooth bidirectional traffic flow throughout the project’s duration.


Construction Highlights:
The project encompasses the construction of an asphalt concrete road spanning the Al-Jaish Canal, significantly enhancing connectivity. Additionally, it features the creation of three reinforced concrete bridges: one spanning the Al-Jaish Canal and two flanking it on either side, each facilitating traffic movement in a distinct direction. Reinforced concrete piles, measuring 150cm in situ cast, provide the foundational support for these bridges. Pre-stressed reinforced concrete girders measuring 30 meters in length, fabricated off-site, play a pivotal role in the structural integrity of the project. These girders are meticulously transported to the work site, ensuring efficient and precise installation.