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Abo Teban water treatment plant

Client: Al-Anbar governorate

POC: AL-Anbar Water Directorate

Description: supplying and installation complete water treatment plant with capacity of 200 m3/h includes clarifier and settling tank, filtration vessel; feed water pumps, chlorination dosing system, aluminum sulfate predation tank with dosing pump, backup generators, and transformers. They manufactured by (ARI ARITMA) Turkish company.


Staff Details: Site office with high experienced engineers and technicians managing the site activities, Outside Iraq branches offices were supporting the project by purchasing equipment and instruments. Baghdad and Amman offices were supporting the administration and correspondence. All the site’s staffs that consist of tens of skilled and unskilled workers were choosing from the local area to encourage employment after the war that affected the area. The main staff consists of 3 engineers, 12 technicians and 4 administration high educated staff covering the project activities.


Starting Date: November 2007

Completion date: May 2008