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Construction of Water Treatment Plant
in Qaratappa in Dyala Governorate.

Client: Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (RFAATO), Council of Ministries, Republic of Iraq

POC:, Mobile number: 077 179 38 480

Description: Design, Delivery equipment, construction 2 WTP, each 200m3/h, and one (Alsalam complex) of 500 m3/h, including supplying and construction 44km of water pipe network. The water pipes are 225mm, 160mm, and 110mm


Staff details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managing the site activity was established. Outside Iraq, offices supported the project by purchasing equipment. The HQ office in Baghdad offices supported vital Administration and correspondence needs. The site staff were entirely comprised of locals to encourage employment in conflict-affected area. Besides dozens of skilled and unskilled workers, a total of 5 engineers, 15 technicians, and 10 administrative support personnel were all part of the success of this project.



Starting Date: 22 Dec. 2021