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Districts 850 and 860: Water and Sewer Rehabilitation.

Contract No. W917BG-05-R0191

Client: DOA, GRD Central District, COE, MNC-17 USACE-GRC, APO AE 09342-1400

POC: Stanley Reese E-mail:

Description: The project entailed the rehabilitation of sewage and water networks in Districts 850 and 860. Each district measures approximately 8 km² with about 20,000 houses and more than 100,000 people. The area was without water for more than 25 years.


Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed site activities. 14 engineers, 45 technicians and 11 administrative personnel covered project activities. More than 500 skilled and unskilled workers from the local area worked the project.


Starting Date: November 2005

Completion date: July 2006