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About Danube Group

The Start

Essentially, the bulk of Danube Group is engaged with construction and civil engineering works since 1989.

Danube is committed to excellence in the construction practice by expertise and strong work ethic. 

Our Experience

The power of experience

Danube Group, an engineering and construction firm, specializes in delivering cutting-edge infrastructure and building projects to clients in Iraq.


Delivering certainty

Delivering certainty

Our operational framework sets us apart from competitors, aiming to provide our clients with a guarantee of reliability and assurance.

Modern methods

Modern methods of construction

Modern methods of construction

By leveraging contemporary construction techniques, we have the capability to expedite project delivery for our clients while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Our Businesses

We're different to our competitors

Our businesses

Utilizing our internal supply chain, we mitigate project risks for our clients and expedite on-site construction.

Our Projects

Each project we undertake presents us with a chance to apply our distinctive approach to address challenges, foster innovation, and engage in collaborative efforts with our clients and beyond.


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