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6 Mobile Substation in Al Anbar Province.

Client: Department of the Army- Gulf Region Division, central District, Corps of Engineers, MNC-17, Unit # 42029, USACE-GRC, APO AE 09342-2029 – Al Tayf Al Abiad Company.

POC: Susan Newby, chief of Contracting, GRC

Description: Supply the expertise, materials, labor and equipment necessary to design and construct six 33/11kV mobile substations at various locations within Al Anbar Province, Iraq. The work involves supply and installation of the substations together with associated site work and connections. The substations will be trailer mounted to allow subsequent relocation. The substations are of uniform design to allow interchangeability of parts between locations. The works include commissioning the substations under the supervision of Ministry of Electricity.


Staff details: Site office with high experienced engineers and technicians managing the site activities, Outside Iraq branches offices are supporting the project by purchasing equipment and instruments, Baghdad and Amman offices are supporting the administration and correspondences. All the site’s staffs that consist of tens of skilled and unskilled workers were choosing from the local area to encourage employment after the war that affected the area. The main staff consists of 7 engineers, 14 technicians and 10 administration high educated staff covering the project activities.


Starting Date: January 2007

Completion date: April 2010