Our Partners

The Danube Group is proud to collaborate with a diverse and esteemed network of partners that play a pivotal role in our mission to drive innovation, sustainability, and growth across the Danube region. Our partners are instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and make a positive impact on the communities and industries we serve.

for Contracts, Trading & General transport Ltd. Was established in 1963, in Baghdad, by Abdulhamid, Ajeel and Abdulkareem Al-Kherbet. The company received the class A contractor’s classification in the Ministry of public works.
Energy Alliance
We offer our partner companies to jointly cope with the challenges of globalisation and to be competitive with their innovative products and systems worldwide while keeping their independence, flexibility and identity.
Danube Demining & UXO Clearance
Ahram Al Furat Co.
Zahrat Ajman Construction & General Trading
Zahra Ajman Co. is one of the few companies that are fully operational in Iraq today. It is also one of the first companies to have settled in this high potential market. Three years after its first selling operation, Zahra Ajman has completed its expansion throughout the regions to cover the entire Iraqi market.
Bait Halab Company
Beit Halab Company aspires to become the industry leader in restaurant operations, setting the standard for unparalleled service and culinary excellence that sets us apart from our competitors.