About Us

Essentially, the bulk of Danube Group is engaged with construction and civil engineering works since 1989.

A Journey of Expansion and Innovation

Through visionary leadership and a commitment to innovation, Danube Group has successfully expanded its operations across Iraq and beyond.
Today, it stands as a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and adaptability, contributing to the region's economic growth and enhancing the lives of many.


The Start

Essentially, the bulk of Danube Group is engaged with construction and civil engineering works since 1989. Danube is committed to excellence in the construction practice by expertise and strong work ethic. Danube has a talented and dedicated staff that takes pride in their work while utilizing the latest construction technologies. Exceptional management, high-quality control plans, accurate timeline schedules and respect are some of our main principles we adhere in an effort to obtain the lasting client satisfaction on which we’ve built our reputation. Throughout our history, we have developed a wide portfolio of satisfied government, local and foreign commercial clients who recognize and depend on the quality of our services. Successful cooperation with many local and foreign partners, through dedication to time and budget constraints, has resulted in winning performance, highly-valued services, and economically vital projects proudly representing the excellence of our work. Cutting-edge technologies, advanced equipment’s and innovative material base are consistently bear to our dedicated professional staff, the majority of whom are highly qualified and skilled civil, electrical, and architectural engineers; design specialists, surveyors, construction consultants and supervisors whom are all engaged in the varying types of successful construction and general contracting projects throughout Iraq.


Sister Company Raise

The three companies; Danube General Contracting, Seine Trading and Commercial Agencies and Danube Demining and Unexploded Ordinance Clearance established. The Seine Company was the first company dealing with trading then Demining Company was established in Iraq due to an urgent need for humanitarian demining as private company.


Wady Alfitir

In 2010 the group decided to develop new investment plans in agriculture investments. The city Erbil of Kurdistan in Iraq was the place where a new company Wady Alfitir for Plant Production and Agricultural Crops was established and a new and first plant and farm in the region was built for the production of mushrooms.

Expansion vertically and horizontally

The group continued expansion vertically and horizontally by joining a large number of Partners, Subcontractors, and Agency long term cooperation with many big companies. Throughout the past two decades, the group has successfully executed myriad projects, serving domestic, international clientele and maintains the fortunate position of being able to contribute to the fields of construction, trading and investment in Iraq. Ultimately, access to foreign manufacturing and shipping facilities combined with local execution and expertise has given Danube Group a decidedly competitive advantage. Moreover, it has allowed us to further capitalize on our potential and remain a stable, productive force in a relatively unstable market. We are grateful for and look forward to future opportunities to serve the needs of the Iraqi people and its government.