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QTM & QRF Facilities in Baghdad.

Client: CAPE Environmental

POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail:

Description: Design and construction of a building for Infantry Brigade QTM and QRF. The site is located in Abu Ghraib, one of the hottest and most dangerous areas in Iraq. The project entailed about 50,000m2 of new construction and rehabilitation including schools, a mosque, a clinic, training facilities, power generation plants, infrastructure, and water and sewage facilities. The most pressing challenge was the short completion timeframe and imminent danger in the area. The University of Baghdad performed quality control functions with more than 40 engineers monitoring and adjusting specifications and quality requirements. The National State laboratory was responsible for all field and laboratory tests.


Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed site activities. Outside Iraq, our offices supported the project by purchasing equipment while the Baghdad HQ supported necessary administration and correspondence functions. About 2,000 workers worked at the site with more than 30 engineers, 200 technicians and 20 experts for administration.


Starting Date: October 2005

Completion date: April 2006