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Palestine Bridge in Ramadi

Client: State Commission for Roads & Bridges

POC: State Commission for Roads & Bridges

Description: The project consist of the Restudying, Analysis, and Redesign the damaged Bridge by team of expert engineers.

Removed all the damaged parts of the 3ed,4th,and 5th pay (36m span)(i.e deck slab,Girders,Cross beam,Column,fence,and guard rail).

Reconstruct all above parts with new one by recasting new pre cast – pre stressed Girders (36m length ,2.2m high ),Column & 1-4m Dia. Ete..

Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed the site activities.

Outside Iraq, our offices supported the project by purchasing equipment and instruments, The Baghdad HQ supported vital administration and correspondence.

The site staff were mainly from the local area to encourage employment in war-affected area. A total of 4 engineers, 25 technicians and 3 administrative personnel are covered in project activities.


Starting Date: September 2010

Completion date: September 2011