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Construction of 36 School in Ninawa and Kirkuk

Client: Ministry of Education Contract to Al-Mansour Contracting Company

Description: Construction of 36 modern Schools in Ninawa Province and Kirkuk Province. The work includes constructing four types of schools with different area size, Type (A) 6 classes, Type (B) 9 classes, Type (C) 12 classes & Type (D) 18 classes. The school’s structure is made up of concrete columns, precast beams and concrete walls. Each school type A, B and contains 2 floors except Type D is a 3 floors School.


Project Staff details: The company Head Quarter staff with high experienced engineers was responsible to cover the design review, management and all required procurements. Two branch offices in both provinces were responsible for work organization, works progress, and works coordination between the school sites.

The site office of each school contained high experienced engineers, site managers and technicians who manage the site activities,

A total of 11 engineers, 35 technicians and 5 highly educated administrative personnel cover phases of the project.



Security Challenge: Both provinces and all sites are located in very dangerous areas. Engaging as many as possible local workers reduced the risks to a minimum. Due to the progress of military operations, the client was forced to issue a stop order until the improvement of the security situation on the ground.