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Construction Electrical Mobile Substation 33/132-25MVA for IMAM Al-ABAS water project in Basrah

Client: Directorate of Government contracts Al-Basrah by ABABEL Co.

POC: Directorate of Government contracts Al-Basrah

Description: Construction of 33/132 is a new additional mobile substation in the Basrah Airport area. The works include the construction transformer pad with earth work and the installation medium span towers is starting from the airport sub-station to the IMAM Al-ABAS water project with all necessary connections.


Staff Details: Our Site office has highly experienced engineers and technicians who manage the site activities, our offices outside Iraq support the project by purchasing equipment and instruments that we need for our project. A total of 8 engineers, 20 technicians and 5 highly educated administrative personnel cover phases of the project.


Starting Date: January 2011

Completion date: June 2012