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Construction Electrical Mobile Substation (33/11-31.5x2 MVA) Within the Japanese Substation.

Client: Wassit Province.

POC: Wassit Province.

Description: Design and Construction of (33/11-31.5×2 MVA) Substation within the Japanese Station. The works include extending cable 11 KV of Length 2 x 4800 m to Hay AL-Damuk Feeder in Kut. Works done as joint venture with Al-Khirbit General Contracting Company


Staff Details: Our Site office has high experienced engineers and technicians who manage the site activities, our offices outside Iraq support the project by purchasing equipment and instruments that we need for our project. A total of 8 engineers, 20 technicians and 5 highly educated administrative personnel cover phases of the project.


Starting Date: January 2011

Completion Date: June 2013