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Clearance Services on the SOUTHERN IRAQI OILFIELD SITE (Rumaila).

Client: ERSM (Guernsey) Ltd (Trading as Edinburgh International).

POC: Damien Jones, Project Manager, Email:

Office: +971 4 3650 030 – Fax: +971 4 3620 040

Description: Provision of clearance services on the SOUTHERN IRAQI OILFIELD SITE (Rumaila). The Rumaila oilfield is categorized as a High Threat UXO-contaminated area due to the presence of large numbers of Cluster Munitions, to date seven different types of Cluster bombs and sub-munitions have been found within the confines of Rumaila. One part of the area requires clearance to beyond a depth of 2m.


Staff Details: The site staff contains more than 20 deminers and demining experts, supported by 2 medics, 8 administration and 10 logistic workers. Offices in Baghdad and Basrah with high skilled staff are supporting the site activities.

Outside Iraq offices are supporting the project by purchasing equipment and instruments.

Most modern equipment, large loops, detectors, surveying equipment were used.

Two partners, local companies Abraj Al Battat and Hoor are supporting the management and successful performing of the project.


Starting Date: November 2011

Completion Date: November 2011