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Buhriz Bridge on Diyala River in Diyala

Client: CAPE Environmental

POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail:

Description: Surveying, engineering and construction of a 220 meter concrete bridge over the Diyala River in Buhriz, 50 kilometers east of Baghdad. The bridge contains seven concrete girders spanning 24 meters each with the middle span measuring 48 meters wide utilizing a steel girder. The bridge connects the main Baghdad-Baqubah road and Buhriz city. The University of Baghdad performed quality control functions, and The National State laboratory was responsible for all field and laboratory tests.


Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed the site activities. Outside Iraq, our offices supported the project by purchasing equipment and instruments, The Baghdad HQ supported vital administration and correspondence. The site staff was mainly from the local area to encourage employment in war affected area. A total of 16 engineers, 35 technicians and 8 administrative personnel are covered project activities.


Starting Date: November 2005

Completion date: December 2006