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Al-Qasim Bridge in Ramadi

Client: Al-Anbar Governorate

POC: Al-Anbar Governorate

Description: The project consist to constructs a bridge with 6 spans of 24 m each. The total length is 144m. The width of the bridge is 21m with 2side walks 1.5 m , 2carriage ways 8.50 m each & one median of 1 m width. The substructures of the bridge are large diameter piles (1.50 m in diameter) ,1,2m in diameter reinforced concrete column & 1.20* 1.20 m reinforced concrete cross beam. To create a beautiful image, the design of the Bridge should consist in special consideration in the entrance & exit of the Bridge.


Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed the site activities. Outside Iraq, our offices supported the project by purchasing equipment and instruments, The Baghdad HQ supported vital administration and correspondence. The site staff was mainly from the local area to encourage employment in war-affected area. A total of 4 engineers, 25 technicians and 3 administrative personnel are covered in project activities.


Starting Date: January 2011

Completion date: November 2011