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Al Hoz Bridge in Ramadi

Client: Al Anbar province Government.

POC: Al Anbar Government, contract department.

Description: Al Hoz Bridge was one of the terrorist targets in Alnbar and was totally destroyed. The bridge crosses the Al Warrar River. The task was to remove all debris, evaluate the situation of existing bridge elements, put new girders and all other elements and return the bridge to its original shape and condition. The biggest challenge is the security situation, serious difficulties were faced in transporting materials and girders to the site as all roads were closed and all bridges were destroyed. A special security procedure is required to access the city was the main factor for the delay. Besides all these difficulties the work went behind the planned schedule. The site was attacked by mortars several times, fortunately without any human losses or injuries. The attacks increased the persistence of the staff and the company to complete the project on time.


Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed the site activities. The Baghdad HQ supported vital administration and correspondence. The site staff were mainly from the local area to encourage employment in the city. A total of 12 engineers, 30 technicians and 5 administrative personnel are covered in project activities. High consistency and coordination were clearly shown between company staff, client representatives and local authorities resulting in the successful performance of the project.


Starting Date: June 2014

Completion DateDec – 2018