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A new 33/11 Substation at 7 Kilo in Anbar

Client: Anbar Government

POC: DG Anbar Electrical Distributions

Description: Construction of 33/11 new Anbar Government substation. The works include construction of buildings delivery and install equipment, commissioning, training and all necessary connections. Most equipment was delivered from Siemens.

Supply connect 3 * 150 mm2.12/20(24)KV cable length 4500 m

Supply connect 3 * 150 mm2.18/30(36)KV cable length 8500 m


Staff details: Site office with high experienced engineers and technicians managing the site activities, Outside Iraq offices are supporting the project by purchasing equipment and instruments, Amman branch office is supporting the administration and correspondence. A total of 18 engineers, 45 technicians and 12 highly educated administrative personnel covered most phases of the project.


Starting Date: October 2010

End Date: June 2011