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A MINES & UXO Technical Survey for the Survey Area in Abu Ghirab Oil Fields of Missan Oil Fields

Client: CNOOC IRAQ LIMITED, a company duly incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, acting for and on behalf of FOD.

Owner: (the “FOD Agreement”) of MOC, CNOOC Iraq Limited, TP Missan Limited and Iraqi Drilling Company entered into the FOD Field Operating Division Agreement for the Missan Oil Fields.

POC: Liu Guozhi, HSE Dept, CNOOC Iraq limited (BVI), Tel China: +86 139 2092 1806

Tel Iraq: +964 7806 453 604



Description: CNOOC Iraq is planning to acquire a 3D seismic acquisition survey and drilling operation in Missan Oil Fields. The Missan Oil Fields is located in the southeast of Iraq, near to the Iranian border, and about 275km away from Basra city. These scope of work under this includes all services required to perform the MINES & UXO Technical Survey in accordance, including but not limited to the following: Performing the MINES & UXO Technical Survey in accordance with the requirements, performing such site investigations and/or desktop studies as may be necessary in accordance with Good Demining Practice prior to performing the MINES & UXO Technical Survey, Clearly identifying the location of each MINE & UXO found during performance of the MINES & UXO Technical Survey,


Staff Details: The site staffs contain more than 60 deminers and demining experts, supported by medics, administration and logistic workers.

Offices in Baghdad and Basrah with high skilled staff are supporting the site activities.

Outside Iraq offices are supporting the project by purchasing equipment and instruments.

Most modern equipment, large loops, mine detectors, surveying equipment were used.

Two partners, are supporting the project, Abraj Al Battat and al Hoor for successful performing of the project.


Starting Date: December 2012

Completion Date: December 2013