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3D Siesmic Project Zubair Iraq: UXO Identification and Clearance.

Client: BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation.

POC: Attn: Mr. Yu Runchang

Mob.: 00964 7813 451 638


Description: BGP project contains services to carry out 3D seismic project in the Zubair Block in Southern Iraq. The total size of the project concession area is 1,993 square kilometers. Danube Demining & UXO Clearance is providing UXO clearance plan to clear the following:


1. Total length of receiver lines is about 8,200 km.

2. Total length of source lines is about 8,200 km.

3. Interval of receiver lines and source lines both

    are 250 meter.

4. Total area of clearance will be 16,400 km


5. Receiver and Source line width of clearance will

     be 10 meters wide with degradable plastic bag

     make of each side of central line.

6. Specific Client requests – 70km per day, on

     average, should be the clearance goal

    (Exception for work in mined areas).


Staff Details: The site staff contains more than 100 deminers and demining experts, supported by 10 medics, 8 administration and 10 logistic workers.Offices in Baghdad and Basrah with high skilled staff are supporting the site activities.

Outside Iraq offices are supporting the project by purchasing equipment and instruments.

Most modern equipment, large loops, detectors, surveying equipment were used.

Two partners, local companies Abraj Al Battat and Hoor are supporting the management and successful performing of the project.


Starting Date: October 2011

Completion Date: Work in Progress