Refurbishment of UNAMI Building in Erbil


Client: United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq UNAMI, Contract No. AMI/CON/2011/008


POC: Deler Mohamad, Procurement Assistant, UNAMI – Erbil, Intermission Ext: 166 2835, Office: 225 0961-2835, E-mail:


Description: Refurbishment works inside Erbil Regional Office in IRAQ. The works contains civil, mechanic and electric works, with delivery new equipment and materials.


Staff Details: Company branch office in Erbil undertook the responsibility to perform all works with support of head office and other branches outside Iraq. Site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managing the site. The complicated entrance procedure and limited working hours are some of challenges in the site. All QC and HSE company plans are highly respected.


Starting Date: May 2011

Completion Date: October 2011


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