Danube Demining & UXO Clearance

Danube Demining and Unexploded Ordinance Clearance  Utilizes our extensive experience in assessment, surveying, searching, demining and UXO clearance for humanitarian purposes.


Danube Demining staff members use the latest technology and have been thoroughly trained to safely demolish condemned structures, conduct controlled blasts for road and tunnel construction and carry out various mining operations. We are dedicated to returning Iraqi land to a cleaner and safer state and foster an environment for rebuilding and development through the clearance of mines and UXO left behind by many years of war.

About us

Throughout Iraq, thousands of square kilometers of land are littered with demolished structures, mines, and unexploded bombs and munitions that present a perpetual risk to our children and our people for decades to come. We cannot imagine a more noble and necessary function for our company than to free our people of this danger and rid our land of this inhumane and constant nuisance.


To complete this daunting task safely, it is crucial for a firm to not only possess experience and expertise in this arena but also to maintain a strong ethic to purge this type of danger from our society for good. Danube Demining is that company.

We strive to clear the path for future development and are recognized as having some of the best experts in the business whose ordinance incident record is unblemished. Providing a safe environment to ourselves and our posterity through careful adherence to procedure is our first priority

 To ensure a prosperous Iraq, we utilize the latest humanitarian demining technology for the clearance of land, seaports, and railways. We also use our expertise for demolition of condemned buildings, creating tunnels and roads, mining, and other types of pyrotechnic construction support.


The technical staff includes a large number of highly qualified explosive experts. Our engineers, technicians, and administrators have witnessed many conflicts in the last thirty years and are skilled in demining and UXO efforts. The majority of our senior staff has graduated from some of the most specialized institutions in Europe and the US. Besides using the latest demining technologies, our experts have invented means of minefields clearance with minimum risk. The company uses the most effective and modern technology in dealing with explosive materials. We care for the safety of our staff and workers remembering that they are among the best experts in the field.


Our senior staff has dealt with all sorts of mines in different parts of Iraq. They constantly update their collective body of knowledge by enrolling in and administering new demining and UXO courses with the aid of the HELP organization from Germany, the IMCO organization from the US and several French organizations. Our activities are supported by and fully licensed for demining by the NMAA.



Danube Demining and UXO Capabilities include:


1.  Demining and clearing huge swaths of land of various types of explosive materials and weapons.


2.  Removing all remnants of war that are harmful to humans and their environment.


3.  Deactivating explosive weapons solely for humanitarian purpose.


4.  Surveying, assessing, and drafting mine field schematics.


5.  Usage of explosives for the construction of roads, railways, ports, airports, and tunnels in rocky areas and quarries.


6.  Demolishing condemned buildings using explosive devices for varying technical purposes or city development, mining operations, and for other civil engineering purposes.


7.  Technical support to humanitarian organizations in demining efforts.


8.  International and local trading activities including the safe export and import of all articles related to mining, demining and explosive activities.


9.Purchase and delivery of vehicles, equipment and special tools for mining and demining efforts.


10.Special storage projects and systems for all types of UXO products.


11.Finance and banking activities.


12.Production of many types of special demining materials.



Our senior staff has an enviable depth of experience and has achieved much in the fields of demining and UXO including:

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