Buhriz-Baquba Roadworks.


Client: CAPE Environmental

POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 6962

E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com


Description: Construction of a new four-lane road connecting the main Baghdad-Baquba road and Buhriz city crossing the Diyala River over Buhriz Bridge. The University of Baghdad was responsible for quality control while The National State Laboratory was responsible for all field and laboratory tests.


Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed site activities. Outside Iraq, offices supported the project by purchasing equipment and the Baghdad HQ supported administration and correspondence needs. The site staff was principally from the local area to encourage employment in the conflict affected region. A total of 8 engineers, 18 technicians and 8 administration personnel covered project activities.


Starting Date: January 2005

Completion date: August 2005


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