Agarguf Tower Erection, Baghdad, Iraq


Client: Army Corps of Engineers

POC: LCDR Andrew Johnson, Army Corps of Engineers, +1-703-544-6778 (VOIP),

E-mail: ,


Description: Agarguf Tower Erection is located in Baghdad-Iraq.


Staff Details: Site office with high experienced engineers and technicians managing the site activities. Abroad Iraq branches offices had supported the project by purchasing and importing the required and needed equipment and instruments, Baghdad and Amman offices had supported the administration and correspondence. Staff at site consists of 18 of skilled and unskilled workers were choosing from the local area to encourage the employment in post conflict and war affected area.

The main staffs were comprised of 2 engineers, 13 technicians and 3 administration high educated staff covering the project activities. The project has totally completed within the planned time, finally handed over, entirely disbursed within the allocated budget and closed in the due time.


Starting Date: March 2008

Completion Date: October 2008


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